13 Gay Dating Apps We Never Knew Existed

You’ve heard of Grindr, right? And probably Scruff, Adam4Adam, Growlr, maybe Jack’d (what is it with apps dropping the E?). Unfortunately we’ve slept with all the men on those so we went hunting for some new apps, finding a whole lot we’ve never heard of before. We browsed these 13 apps – these aren’t user reviews (though we’ve included our favorite online user comments) but just some ideas for when you too have sexed everyone in your local grid.

BeuronlineOfficial description: “Social network for gay, bisexual and transsexual people. Meet gay, bisexual and curious guys from all origins: Black, Arab, Latino, Mixed, White… Discreet and private dating for gay and bisexual people. Operated from France. The goal of this social network is to promote interracial love, tolerance and peace.”
The lowdown: A passing knowledge of French will be an asset, both for chat and communicating with the operators – the confirmation email was tout en Francaise.
Best reviewer comment: “You can choose to hide your location so don x2019.”
Himsical says: We don’t know what that reviewer’s on about but we are big fans of interracial love.

BiggerCityOfficial description: “BiggerCity is the largest dating service for gay men of size (Chubs/Bears) and their admirers (Chasers). BiggerCity offers a fun and accepting space for big men and their admirers to flirt, connect and socialize.”
The lowdown: While Growlr has the bears covered, not everyone who is “bigger” is a bear.  If you’ve been size shamed off Grindr, or alternatively you find the men on other apps not sufficiently husky, this might be your place.
Best reviewer comment: “Not bad… I wish there was more guys in my area.”
Himsical says: We always wish there was more guys in our area!

BoyahoyOfficial description: “BoyAhoy is the global network for meeting gay men.
Instantly meet like-minded men near you or around the world. Discover new friends at a local bar or in Barcelona.”
The lowdown: The title implies this is a site for younger men but we wandered around it and couldn’t figure out who it was for. We also don’t understand the random use of Barcelona in their description – so no one in Barcelona uses the app?
Best reviewer comment: “I give you only one star is because this is a social Gay app and then why a lots of girls are in there? A lots of seenzoned or ignored also They are just being a shxt.. Maybe the friends I loves only 3 peoples.”
Himsical says: Well, he wasn’t happy! We really do suspect this is a social site for younger men so ask a Millennial about it, if you can get a Millennial to look up from their phone.

DaddyHuntOfficial description: “Daddyhunt is the first gay dating and social networking app designed specifically for Daddies and Daddy lovers. Whether you’re a Daddy, a bear, or a young buck who loves a little salt & pepper, Daddyhunt is the app for you.”
The lowdown: The name kind of says it all. The icon is the cherry on the daddy cake.
Best reviewer comment: “It’s like if Scruff and Instagram had a daddy together.”
Himsical says: That reviewer comment is quite possibly the most genius thing we’ve ever read on the internet.  Also, we need to meet the guy the icon is based upon. We need to meet him BAD!

icon320x320Official description: “Hanky will connect you with the guys in your area. Swipe right to like or left to pass. When someone likes you back, it’s a match. Turn on ‘Looking’ when you’re ready to meet up with your matches. Stop chatting, start living. No time wasters.”
The lowdown: You sign up with Facebook so it won’t be any good for anyone on the DL.
Best reviewer comment: “Free messaging and chat free push notifications.”
Himsical says: We’re pretty sure someone working for Hanky wrote that review. We admit we were hoping for something else from an app with this name. Plus who wants to sign up for dating through Facebook? Not us, that’s for sure.

JockZoneOfficial description: “JockZone is the sports gay social network for athletes all over the world. Whether you’re into baseball or bowling, whether you’re a wrestler or a waterskier, JockZone connects you to other guys doing the same thing.”
The lowdown: If you’re looking for a gym buddy or a wrestling partner this may be what you need. However, the app was last updated in November 2013, which isn’t a good sign.
Himsical says: Stop your shouting! Although our aim at the gym is to leave as soon as possible we can see how JockZone might be useful, but the lack of updates leaves us wary.

Mench'dOfficial description: “Mench’d is the first dating app that is exclusively for gay men. Mench’d is the most successful gay dating app for men, because it is a global social network that connects gay men based off of their compatibility level and personality.”
The lowdown: It said to use a series of questions to determine how compatible you are with others. It was last updated in December 2013…
Best reviewer comment: “Deleting this garbage for false advertising.”
Himsical says: Like the reviewer above we thought this was an app for finding hot Jewish gay men and it appears out of date. We were incredibly disappointed to find out it is not an app for finding hot Jewish gay men. We now are in desperate need of an app for finding hot Jewish gay men.

Mr X
MrXOfficial description: “MR X is the first and only gay app for men over 30. The guys on MR X are real men: confident, strong, down-to-earth men who have experience in the things that matter. Whether you’re over 30 — or just love grown men — it’s time to meet mister right or mister right now.”
The lowdown: Mr X’s publicity material shows they understand their point of difference, but is that really a point of difference?
Best reviewer comment: “I find lots of Hot guys who find me attractive.”
Himsical says: No one likes a showoff, reviewer. We do, however, like grown men.  That said, being “grown” is a VERY wide descriptor and most successful apps tend to target a more narrow group.

MusclrOfficial description: “Musclr is a dating app and social network catered towards the muscle community!”
The lowdown: You can sign up as a muscle man or muscle worshipper and say you’re looking for a muscle man or muscle worshipper.  Given how self-focussed most muscle guys are then those two may be the same thing.
Best reviewer comment: It was difficult to find any reviews for this app. Perhaps the users are all too busy getting muscles/worshipping them.
Himsical says: I want muscles, all over his body. Make him strong enough from his head down to his toes.  Musclr’s icon is just about as sexy as DaddyHunt’s – just about…

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 1.14.02 pmOfficial description: “RECON is the world’s largest website for gay, bi and curious men into fetish, leather and kink. Connect with more than a million RECON guys around the world and in your neighbourhood.”
The lowdown: You choose an “Interest”.  In fact the list is pretty much what you’ll find on most other apps – Bears, Punks, Bikers, Military, Tattoos and Piercings.  But there are some categories that aren’t as common – Masters and Slaves, Pups and Handlers, Feet, Fighting, Hoods and Masks.  Still, we were expecting something a wee more wild.  Maybe we’re just really adventurous.
Best reviewer comment: “So far it had a thumbs up in my book.”
Himsical says: We do like a having thumb up. If basic kink is your kink then you might want to recon Recon.  Yes, we are VERY proud of that play on words.

u4BearOfficial description: “Every day millions of messages are exchanged by gay guys, bisexual or curious using u4Bear: the gay social network for smartphones, tablets and computers around the world, with over 4.5 million registered users.”
The lowdown: As the name implies, this is another app for the husky and their admirers.
Best reviewer comment: “Trying to figure it out It’s not really user friendly… I think I might have reported a few people that didn’t do anything wrong at all.”
Himsical says: If you got blocked from u4Bear for no reason it might have been the guy who posted that review. Also, we can’t help but think Bear4U would have been a better name.

VGLOffical description: “Meet hot guys near you with VGL. Follow them and stay in touch with their updates. Make long lasting friends. Discovery [sic] new places to go and things to see. Having trouble on other dating apps finding the special guy you’re looking for?”
The lowdown: Given VGL’s name it’s clear their point of difference is that on their app you’ll find very good looking men. Beuronline had better grammar and English is their second language.
Best reviewer comment: “No one messeges [sic] back”
Himsical says: It’s obviously your spelling. Also, we’re not a fan of VGL’s name – perhaps they were going for “confident” but we smell “mean girls”.

unnamedOfficial description: “One App Fits All: meet local gay guys nearby as well as anywhere in the world. XXL is 100 percent free for all features including unlimited profile viewing and push notifications.”
The lowdown: It’s another app for the burly and burly lovers. The majority of reviewers didn’t give it a good rating though.  Growlr and Scruff have hoovered up most of the air in the “bear app” space so we’re not sure exactly how many men would come here to find the stocky man of their dreams.
Best reviewer comment: “Ended up in argument with staff.. only free access to bears… It was suggested im not a bear. Wtf…please show me a description of what a bear is…”
Himsical says: Never tell a guy who thinks he’s a bear that he’s not a bear.  Even if it’s obvious he’s not a bear.  Let him be deluded.  What does it hurt you, huh?


Notes: Some of these apps are part of/have supporting websites but we only looked at the app. Most aim to sell you a “premium” version and beware of the need for in-app purchases. As usual, you should explore these in detail before deciding to download/sign up.

Are you interested in Himsical road testing some of these or other gay themed apps? Contact us to request a review!

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