New Moon On Monday (Duran Duran)

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New Moon On Monday (Duran Duran)
#10 on the US Hot 100
Of Duran Duran’s 1980s US Top 10 hits this is undoubtedly the one with the lowest profile. Wedged between Union of the Snake (#3) and juggernaut The Reflex (#1) it was viewed a bit of a disappointment at the time, considering that it also charted spottily world-wide. The lyrics possibly didn’t help its popularity – the song begins “Shake up the picture, the lizard mixture. With your dance on the eventide”. Huh?
Fun fact: Apparently this video isn’t one of the band’s favourites. Said Andy Taylor in his autobiography “Even today, I cringe and leave the room if anyone plays [it].”

The theme for Bestest Song Club November 2015 is: US Top 10 Hits That You Probably Haven’t Heard In Years.
Criteria – Songs reached at least #10 on the US Hot 100 between 1 January 1980 and 31 December 1989 but have since largely been unheard.

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