5 Gay Men You’d Want By Your Side In a Fight

It’s a sad fact that gay men often the victims of hate crimes.  Here are 5 gay guys that you’ll wish were by your side if you were ever attacked.

1. Shad Smith

The first openly gay mixed martial artist, Smith’s nickname is “The American Badass”.  He’s only 167cm (5ft 6in) tall but that will just mean gay bashers will likely underestimate him. They’ll do that at their peril.  This veteran of cage fighting has been in a lot of brawls, even growing up – he reportedly had 46 counts of assault and battery as a juvenile.

His tattoos alone would make attackers flee.

His tattoos alone would make attackers flee.

2. Darren Young

Young’s real name is Frederick Douglas Rosser III and he came out in 2013, making him the first professional wrestler ever to publicly come out while still signed to a major promotion.  Among Rosser’s moves are the “diving elbow drop”, “discus forearm smash” and “neckbreaker”.  He’s also been known to “gut check” to win a bout – dropping an opponent from overhead and kneeing them in the stomach as they fall.

You won't believe how much damage he can do with just that one finger.

You won’t believe how much damage he can do with just that one finger.

3. Gareth Thomas

Welsh rugby legend Gareth Thomas is one of the top international rugby union try scorers of all time and he not only represented Wales in rugby union, but also rugby league.  At 191cm (6ft 3in) and over 100kg (227 lb) he may actually deter many attackers just by being but rugby players are used to dealing with physical attacks.  Thomas was also once found guilty of assault during a nightclub brawl – he’s apparently not afraid to throw a punch.

He’s also apparently not afraid to bleed.

He’s also apparently not afraid to bleed.

4. Yusaf Mack

American boxer Yusaf Mack initially lied when asked whether he was gay but he’s now out and proud.  He’s won many boxing titles in his career and his current record from the ring is 31 wins from 41 fights – including 17 knockouts.  Mack is 185cm (6ft 1in) with a 191cm (75in) reach – he’ll be landing blows while the gay bashers are swinging at air.

Yusaf Mack

There’s more inches in his underwear but you’ll need to check out his gay porn to see those.

5. Donal Óg Cusack

Donal is a former Irish hurling goalkeeper.  If you don’t know what hurling is just imagine a sport where you run around a field trying to kill your opponent with a short wooden stick.  Cusack is regarded as the greatest hurling goalkeeper of his generation, retiring in 2013.  Give this man an improvised weapon – a pool cue, umbrella, broom – and any attackers will be wishing they’d left you alone.

 You're imagining that ball is a gay basher's head - and that's okay.  They had it coming.

You’re imagining that ball is a gay basher’s head – and that’s okay.  They had it coming.

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