5 Things Religious Types Accuse Gays of Doing (That They Actually Do A Lot More)

I wouldn’t have an issue with religion if those that follow them would live and let others live. But some of them can’t – or don’t because they literally “can” stop blaming gays for autism, global warming and 9/11, but they won’t.

Yet perhaps the most insidious thing some religious people do is to point the finger at gays for doing things that they themselves are guilty of perpetrating – and perpetrating far, far more than we homosexuals. Here are the 5 most hypocritical things religious people accuse us of.

1. Choosing To Be That Way
The biggest lie some religious people tell is that being gay is a choice. It’s not just wrong, it’s highly arrogant. Even worse, they use this “fact” to discriminate against us. They claim they would treat us good if we’d only stop choosing our evil behaviour. This is truly insidious because they are the ones who are actually choosing something. You are not born religious. You can be born into a family or culture that practices a certain religion, but as you grow and become an independent person you have the choice not to follow that religion. To add to this insult they want laws to protect their religious freedom – but they will oppose laws that protect gay rights.

2. Recruiting Others
Many religious people still think that gays want to turn the rest of the world homosexual. This is untrue, of course. We only want to turn the attractive straights gay. These types take their cues from Boys Beware, an infamous 1960’s anti-gay PSA that said “This lifestyle is a predatorial lifestyle in that they need your children and straight people having kids to fulfill their sexual habits”. Except that’s not from Boys Beware, it’s a statement made in 2016 by a religious billionaire backer of US Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz. The real irony is that it is religion that is the world’s biggest recruiter. When was the last time a gay turned up at your front door and offered you a copy of Advocate?  Meanwhile Seventh Day Adventists and Mormons still think it’s okay to turn up at your door and try to convince you to become one of them.

An attack can come at any time...

An attack can occur at any time…

3. Protecting Child Molesters
Let’s be clear, most religious people do not molest children. And some people who identify as “gay” do. But unlike the gays, some religions have systems in place to protect child abusers, or more precisely, protect the religion from the fallout of that abuse becoming public. Religious leaders will deny child abuse, bully victims, move abusive priests from one parish to another, pay off victims, even hide abusers from the police. Meanwhile, we not only get accused of condoning groups like NAMBLA, the word “gay” is often mentioned in the same breath as pedophilia.

4. Displaying Intolerance
If you listen to the religious right gays want to stop them from practicing their religion. That is not true. Neither is it true that we are intolerant of their beliefs. What we won’t tolerate any longer is someone else’s religion determining how we live our lives. Religious people, on the other hand, are very content to display intolerance to us. Why else would religious organizations bankroll anti-gay legislation? When is the last time you heard of gays sponsoring a law to have religions outlawed or give religious people fewer rights than everyone else? Exactly.

5. Perpetrating Violence
Some religious people not only say that the gays are intolerant, they claim we’re a physical threat. The sad truth is that we are more typically the victims of violence. There are religions around the world that teach we should be put to death. Worse, in some parts of the world they still carry this out. And, of course, there are religious types who are cheerleaders for those doing the killing. If a gay or lesbian cheered the murder of a religious person it would be front page news. But religious types get to do it every day with hardly a mention.

If hypocritical religious types have a Patron Saint then at the moment it would be Kim Davis. She denied gay and lesbian couples something they were legally entitled to but somehow believed that she was the real victim. Meanwhile many religions have spent decades trying to deny gays rights, and are still fighting that battle. To her, and them, their actions are righteous. But, of course, being righteous doesn’t make you right.

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