6 Prophecies That Came True After New Zealand Legalised Gay Marriage

On 19 August, same sex marriage celebrated its fifth anniversary in New Zealand.

In the debate leading up to the law change, various people and organisations made bold predictions about where allowing same sex couples to marry would lead.

As we know, everything they warned us about has happened.

1. No One Will Want to Come to NZ

The Prediction: “Millions of people who live outside New Zealand want to emigrate to our country because we are a good country but what we are has been hard fought for. The basic unit of Mum, Dad and the kids must be held up as our preferred standard because that is the central element of our societal success to date.”

The Outcome: New Zealand’s international reputation is now in the toilet. As a result, no one wants to live here, or even visit.

2. Crime Will Increase

The Prediction: “The marriage ammendment [sic] bill will not benefit society at all and will ultimately have detremetal [sic] effect on crime at all levels”

The Outcome: Crime is out of control. You can’t walk out the door without being mugged, raped, and shot. And yes, I mean gay raped!

There are 60 murderers hiding in this grass.

3. Polygamy Will Become Legal

The Prediction: “Why stop at same-sex? Why can’t we have 3 wives or 3 husbands or both? If your reasoning behind changing the definition of marriage is because it is discriminatory, it doesn’t make sense that you would still be discriminating against people who want a polygamist lifestyle.”
The Outcome: The instant that gay marriage was legalalised, a group of radical far-left politically correct SJW snowflake MPs proposed a Bill to remove the limits on the number of people who can get married. With traditional marriage dead, the Bill became law only ten minutes after first being suggested. Earlier this year, a capacity crowd of 50,000 turned out to see the New Zealand All Blacks marry Les Bleus of France. The Kiwis wore white. Because even the gays couldn’t kill that tradition.

What a beautiful thirtruple!

4. Incest Will Become Legal

The Prediction: “Allowing only same-sex marriage on the basis of love and commitment would discriminate against those seeking polygamous, group, and consensual adult incest-type marriages.”

The Outcome: You can now totally marry your family. No one wants to, but they can.

I would like to tie myself to the Franks brothers, but that’s a totally different thing.

5. Marriage Will Last Forever

The Prediction: “Once the traditional definition of marriage is changed, the door is opened to further redefining of marriage, including demands for no limits on…the duration of marriage.”

The Outcome: There is no “until death do us part” anymore. If your spouse dies, you’re still married to them. Fortunately, you can keep having sex since necrophilia is now legal. Because the gays demanded it.

On the plus side, human-zombie nuptials are now lawful!

6. Civilisation Will Collapse

The Prediction: “We are in fact part of a de facto latter day empire in which my nation is arguably leading everybody else in its moral decline. This Bill gives us all a clue as to why. And it is a funny thing about empires − they used to last half a millennium at least − Egypt, Greece, Rome. Now they are less cohesive and fail much faster − the German, the British, the Warsaw Pact have all risen and fallen in my and my father’s lifetime. This acceleration is really another subject, but it’s real and universal − and moral decline seems to march with it. Nevertheless, most empires you can think of didn’t collapse because their nations all introduced a Marriage Amendment Act. But they surely do fail out of losing their moral direction. Beyond power and greed, the advance of homosexuality is often a factor. You could sum it up again as moral decline So I believe it fair to say that the effect of homosexuality has a detrimental outcome in all societies − from ancient Greece to the modern West, which includes us in New Zealand.”

The Outcome: Civilisation fell on 3 June 2017. It fell and it can’t get up.

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