A Baby Changes Everything (Faith Hill)

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A Baby Changes Everything (Faith Hill)
This song turns the Jesus birth tale into a story about teenage pregnancy – a young woman deals with an unexpected pregnancy that sounds modern until it’s revealed just who the baby is. It’s a clever idea and one that could have ended up mired in cheesiness.  But writers Craig Wiseman and Tim Nichols give it just the right touch – keeping it simple yet, ultimately, grand. Much credit should go to Faith Hill who knows just how to interpret the lyrics. One of her greatest gifts as a vocalist is her ability to connect with the emotion in a song and here that bond feels especially sincere – she leaves you in no doubt that this baby does change everything. Taken from her Joy to the World album this song was a #1 Adult Contemporary hit.
Fun fact: Despite talk of another record, and releasing other singles, Joy to the World is currently the most recent Faith Hill studio album.

The theme for Bestest Song Club December 2015 is: Bestest Modern Christmas Songs.
Criteria: Song must have been recorded no earlier than 1980.

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