Bestest Song Club – February 2016 Master List

1. Two Hearts (John Parr) (American Anthem)
2. Time Bomb Town (Lindsay Buckingham) (Back To The Future)
3. Stir It Up (Patti LaBelle) (Beverly Hills Cop)
4. Waiting (EG Daily) (The Breakfast Club)
5. Yes (Merry Clayton) (Dirty Dancing)
6. Love Is Love (Culture Club) (Electric Dreams)
7. Dogs in the Yard (Paul McCrane) (Fame)
8. Make It My Night (Donna Allen) (Fatal Beauty)
9. Manhunt (Karen Kamon) (Flashdance)
10. Bit By Bit (Stephanie Mills) (Fletch)
11. Never (Moving Pictures) (Footloose)
12. Give It Up (Evelyn Champagne King) (Fright Night)
13. Hot Night (Laura Branigan) (Ghostbusters)
14. She’s So Good To Me (Luther Vandross) (The Goonies)
15. Hairspray (Rachel Sweet) (Hairspray)
16. Young Hearts (Commuter) (Karate Kid)
17. Under Any Moon (The Jets with Glenn Medeiros) (Karate Kid III)
18. Magic Dance (David Bowie) (Labyrinth)
19. Peeping Tom (Rockwell) (The Last Dragon)
20. The Music of Goodbye (Melissa Manchester and Al Jarreau) (Out of Africa)
21. Shock Me (Whitney Houston and Jermaine Jackson) (Perfect)
22. Double or Nothing (Kenny Loggins and Gladys Knight) (Rocky IV)
23. Romancing the Stone (Eddy Grant) (Romancing the Stone)
24. I Just Wanna Be Loved (Ready For the World) (Running Scared)
25. If I Turn You Away (Vikki Moss) (St Elmo’s Fire)
26. Hot Summer Nights (Miami Sound Machine) (Top Gun)
27. Change (John Waite) (Visionquest)
28. 24 Hours (Duncan Faure) (Who’s That Girl)
29. Julia (The Eurythmics) (1984)

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