Beyond Movember: 11 Additional Months of Male Causes

The Movember Foundation has successfully staked out November for the cause of men’s health. But there are many other issues important to men that would benefit from similar visibility. To join Movember here are 11 other months of male causes.


Male Pattern Baldness Response Month
Every year millions of men suffer hair loss as a result of being born with crappy genes. With advances made in modern medicine there’s now no reason to lose your hair or, if your hairline has already receded, to remain bald. But drugs and hair transplants cost money. Male Pattern Baldness Response Month will aim to raise money to provide men with free Propecia, hair transplants and even wigs, but the really good kind of wigs made with the hair of Third World children. Also hats. Or turbans, if that’s your thing.


Lifetime Movie Equality Awareness Month
Lifetime Movies are ALL about women. Death of a Cheerleader. Lies My Mother Told Me. She Woke Up Pregnant. The Nightmare Nanny. Where are all the Lifetime movies about men? And we don’t mean men who are unethical doctors/stalker ex-boyfriends/cheating husbands doing the plucky heroine wrong. There is a movie called The 12 Men of Christmas but it’s about a female publicist and a dozen guys posing for a calendar. Guess which stud our single-because-her-fiancé-cheated-on-her gal will choose?

Hint: It’s one of the white guys.

Lifetime Movie Equality Month will aim to balance the scales by remaking the network’s films with male leads. Are you ready for the male versions of Co-Ed Call Girl, Fifteen and Pregnant and The Brittany Murphy Story? Go men!

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