Bump And Grindr

So Grindr is now owned 100% by Chinese investment company the Kunlun Group. The firm had previously purchased 60% back in 2016, but it transpires they’ve taken complete control. There are worries that private information will be handed over to the Chinese government (if it hasn’t already). Here are 5 reasons that, even if it information did get shared, it probably doesn’t matter.

1. Josh Rogin is Hot!
You probably didn’t click on the link above but the author of that piece is Washington Post sex symbol columnist Josh Rogin.

Saved you a click.

That fact has literally nothing to do with this piece but I believe if there’s a handsome guy in existence it should be pointed out to as many men as possible.

I choose this as Josh’s Scruff profile pic.

1. The Chinese Government Probably Already Has Your Information
The Chinese government, the American government, probably even the government of Kyrgyzstan have your information. I’m not an expert on the interwebs, or whatever the kids are calling the information superhighway these days, but I assume anything that goes into the cyber has the opportunity to be ensnared by the various Big Brothers and Sisters trawling its waters. Or to be sold to the highest bidders. Or any bidder. Or given away for free.

2. It Might Make You Rethink the Wording in Your Profile
If the thought of the Chinese government spying is what it takes to get certain men to delete “No Asians” from their profiles, then I say bring it on. Of course, the Indian government might also get this information so similarly go ahead and rethink “No Indians” while you’re at it.

3. You Might Get a “Date” Out of It
Or even an actual date. Sure it’ll be with a member of the Chinese government who happens to take a special liking to you so flouts the rules and contacts you for sex, but have you seen Chinese men?

I have. And I like what I see.

4. What Are They Gonna Do With the Information?
Most of what appears in your profile are basic stats. Some of it is a little less ‘basic’ but of all of the hookup apps, Grindr is one of the tamest. I can understand wanting to keep your private life private – and most of us wouldn’t want some of our in-app conversations made public – but in many cases the worst that will happen with a data leak is that the world will find out that you are a) into fisting, (b) unable to spell, or (c) telling everyone you’re 38.

But let’s say the Chinese government does receive information that you’re ‘a Bottom’ and ‘love being dominated’. Let’s say it has screeds of conversations between you and 18 year old men with the words ‘daddy’ and ‘son’ appearing an uncomfortable number of times. What will they do with it? Tell your boss? Your friends? Your wife? Yes, that latter category is the type of man who is probably most shook up by potential information sharing. A government might use the fact that someone ‘influential’ is on a gay app. And chatting to 18 year olds who look like they’re 15. They have no reason to blackmail us common folk but decision makers are a different story. So if you’re ‘influential’ and truly concerned about privacy then you might want to stay off apps altogether. Or, you know, come out of the fucking closet.

5. Seriously, Have You Seen How Sexy Chinese Men Are?
I know, doubling up on headings is a lazy way to fill out a list, but I did give you an additional #1. Plus, I mean, look at them!

I really don’t get the “No Asians” thing…

Like REALLY don’t get…

And “No Indians”. More for me, idiots.

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