Christmas Without You (Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton)

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Christmas Without You (Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton)
Dolly and Kenny were always a great fit but put them together on a Christmas record and you have perfection. This song is from their Once Upon a Christmas collaboration and was accompanied by a TV special – Kenny and Dolly: A Christmas To Remember. The multi-talented Parton also co-wrote this track, along with most of the other new songs on the parent album which was the biggest selling Christmas release of 1984 and has continued to sell copies every year since.
Fun fact: Song co-writer Steve Goldstein was also a co-writer of the Santana minor hit Say It Again.

The theme for Bestest Song Club December 2015 is: Bestest Modern Christmas Songs.
Criteria: Song must have been recorded no earlier than 1980.

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