Do Not Ivanka! R.I.P. Edition

Ding, dong – is dead.

It was inevitable, I guess. The only people buying her clothes were racist white American women. Sure, there are millions of them, but the ones who have money wouldn’t be caught alive or dead in any of Ivanka’s tat.

Etsy-level awfulness.

Don’t cry for the First Daughter this entitled, complicit hypocrite. Her father’s presidency is all about making money for the Trump family. Ivanka will be fine. And now that this website is dead, fashion might also stand a chance.

P.S. The punctuation in that goodbye letter is almost as awful as Ivanka’s rags and trinkets. So your clothes were “by women for women”? So BY women who are pro-women? Who were they FOR then? No one – which explains you going belly up. Also  “most importantly” usually follows more than one thing. But I get it, you were scraping to find stuff to feel proud about…

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