Do Some People Really Believe Gays Are Possessed?

Do some people really believe gays are possessed?

Like Linda Blair in The Exorcist, with pea soup vomit?
Not quite.  They believe different demons cause victims to do different things.  In the case of gays the demons force them to do butt sex.  Gay butt sex.

I’m having a hard time believing this – they literally think there is a demon in my body?
“I would say that’s a demonic spirit that’s manifesting inside of them.”  That’s ex-navy chaplain and now Colorado senator Gordon Klingenschmitt.  “Homosexuality is actually a demon spirit.  It is such a putrid-smelling demon that other demons don’t even like to hang around it.  A genuine prophet of God told me that the Lord allowed him to smell this demon spirit, and he got sick to his stomach.”  That’s from Bert Farias, the founder of Holy Fire Ministries.  Some have even given the demon a name.  It’s Sitri in case you were wondering.

Dick, Steve, Julian – those are names I’d believe.  But Sitri?  Clearly someone who doesn’t understand gay men made this up.

Sitri wants you! To do butt sex!

Could it actually be true?  What if I am possessed by “Sitri” and don’t know it?
That’s something these fundamentalists want you to think.  They thrive you believing you’re bad or damaged.  Meanwhile, only they have that special connection with God that allows them to see demons and cast them out.  Convenient, isn’t it?

But don’t some gay people think they’ve been possessed by demons?
YesSome even claim to be healed by exorcisms.  And some reveal that exorcisms were both unsuccessful and traumatic.

So what happens in an exorcism?
There are lots of examples available online.  You’ll end up thinking it’s the ones who believe in possession are actually possessed.

I’m not following those links – just tell me what happens.
A “holy” person will try to dispel the demon from the gay person’s body – there’s no one way to do it – some exorcisms will be dramatic with shouting and laying of hands, some just quiet meditation and prayer.  Here’s a quote that sets out the typical aim of an exorcism: to “cleanse and bind demonic powers…out of genitals, of course out of anal canals, out of intestines, out of throats and mouths if there’s been ungodly deposit of semen in those areas.”

“Ungodly deposit of semen”?
Which leads one to conclude there can be a “godly deposit of semen”…

Reading all this hell fire and brimstone stuff makes me angry.  And sad.
That’s what it’s designed to do – make you feel ashamed.  You have nothing to be ashamed about.

Not even for all the gay butt sex?
Especially not for that!

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