Don’t Let Donald Trump Ruin Orange! 15 Great Orange Things

Donald Trump is ruining the world’s opinion of the color orange and something needs to be done about it!

Donald Trump is regularly likened to Adolph Hitler and it’s a fair comparison. They’re both racist, both are fond of doing a salute with their right arm and both style their hair in ways that make you question whether they’re even human.

Let's not forget Hitler also ruined that moustache thing for everybody as well.

Let’s not forget Hitler also ruined that teeny moustache thing for everybody.

But there’s one thing they have in common that the media hasn’t hit upon and that’s the fact that Trump is doing to the color orange what Hitler did to the swastika.

Before Hitler the swastika was an innocent symbol, just going about its business for thousands of years as a word that means “good luck” in Sanskrit and as a symbol of good fortune. As recently as the early part of the 20th century it was gleefully used by clubs and sporting teams, in architecture and advertising.

Taste the feeling! Of Nazis!

Taste the feeling! Of Nazis!

But then Hitler came along and the swastika was history. Hitler’s maligning of a once revered symbol has so damaged the swastika that it’s unlikely to recover for at least another couple of generations, if ever.

There is a serious possibility that the color orange will soon suffer the same fate. Trump is already intrinsically linked with orange. When he’s criticized the word “orange” is often mentioned. How long is it before he drags down the shade permanently? How long before we can no longer look at anything orange without it conjuring up an image of Trump’s bloated features and racist tirades.

Why doesn't America just elect a Cheeto as President?

See, you were thinking of orange and he appeared.

We need to take action now! The only way to counteract Trump’s negative influence on orange is to remind the world what a wonderful color it is. So here are 15 wonderful things that just happen to be orange.

1. Oranges
Who doesn’t love oranges? They’re sweet, round and…orange. Okay, so oranges aren’t actually that great. But they have the distinction of being the only fruit to inspire the name of a color. Is that actually a distinction or just a thing? In any event oranges are useful for lots of things, like making orange juice and… Oranges: the only fruit to inspire the name of a color!

Responsible for the name of a color.

Orange oranges.

2. Persimmons
Who doesn’t love persimmons? They’re sweet, round and…what are they exactly? They’re a fruit but what kind of fruit? But they’re not Donald Trump so they have that going for them.

Seriously, these things are weird.

Seriously, these things are weird.

3. Carrots
Who doesn’t love carrots? They’re long and…orange. They’re useful for many things, like feeding rabbits and…


Carrots, everybody!

4. Carrot Top
What? No! This will just make things worse.

Still, he'd make a better President than Trump.

Still, he’d make a better President than Trump.

5. This Frog
Who doesn’t this frog? Seriously, if you do not think this frog is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen then you are dead inside.



6. Nemo From Finding Nemo
It was impossible not to fall in love with Nemo, the title character from Pixar’s adorable movie about a father trying to reunite with his lost son. Nemo is a clownfish and his popularity singlehandedly helped to rehabilitate the public’s poor image of clowns, as well as fish.


Also of people called Nemo.

7. Orange Is the New Black
This TV series about a group of women in prison helped Netflix establish themselves as an “original content” force to be reckoned with. At once both one of the funniest and most tragic series on television it has won a multitude of awards. It’s also made a whole bunch of lesbians commit crimes in the hope of being incarcerated with hot actress Laura Prepon. That last bit may not actually be true, but it feels true, doesn’t it?


Come to think of it they hardly ever wear orange…

8. This Sexy Ginger Bear
Look at that!  That’s how you do orange!


Where is this? I need to be there.

9. Monarch Butterflies
Butterflies are not only beautiful but they play an important role in the fertilization of some plants. If the bees all die out then these things will be all that stands between us and extinction. You don’t think wasps will pick up the slack do you? Wasps are awful. Not as awful as Donald Trump, mind you, but awful nonetheless.

ROYALTY FREE Shutterstock Stock Photo: Monarch Butterfly on a Mexican Sunflower Image ID: 57609622   Release  information: N/A   Copyright: James Laurie   Keywords: appealing, attractive, beautiful, beauty,black, bottom, butterfly, calm, color,colorful, elegant, feeding, floral, flower,garden, giant, good, gorgeous, insect,looking, lovely, magnificent, mexican,migratory, monarch, natural, nature, nice,orange, pattern, petals, pretty, queen,serenity, silence, spring, striking,stunning, summer, sunflower, sweet,tranquility, underside, wing, yel

Sorry, I don’t shit honey.

10. Pumpkins
Who doesn’t love pumpkins. You can carve scary faces on them for Halloween and use them to flavor lattes. Apparently you can also eat them.


Might be pumpkins, might be a Trump family reunion.

11. This Cat Dressed Like a Pumpkin
96% of people who viewed this picture had a favorable impression of the color orange immediately afterwards. 3% said they still hated orange and 1% just sat in a corner rocking back and forth.

Pumpkin Kitten | Funny Happy Halloween Card

My cuteness compels you to love orange.

12. Apricots
No, we already did the fruit thing.

True fact: Donald Trump also has a rock in his head.

True fact: Donald Trump also has stones in his head.

13. Hazmat Suits
Even the inhospitable places these suits go isn’t half as bad as Donald Trump. Yes, that includes places full of poop.


Every time Donald Trump goes somewhere they need to call in these people to decontaminate the site.

14. Scissors
Just make sure you don’t run with them. Unless you’re Donald Trump in which case you run all you like.


We’ll even gift you this pair.

15. Annoying Orange
Actually this literal slice of abhorrence with a mouth may be just as awful as Donald Trump. In fact, it’s very possible Donald Trump is Annoying Orange. Has anyone seen them in one room at the same time?

The resemblance is uncanny.

The resemblance is uncanny.

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