Eurovision 2017: The Reviews – ICELAND

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Paper (Svala)

Svala is one of three thousand single-named female singer competing this year. Though if I was a performer with the last name Björgvinsdóttir I’d probably ditch it as well. She had a number one single when she was nine (a Christmas duet with her father) – and that happened two years into her recording career. Yes, she first recorded a song when she was seven.

It’s nice that they cleared out the herring-gutting factory so she could shoot this. She looks like an alien. This is how I imagine everyone in Iceland looks.


You’re under the water
Trying to pull me under
I reach for you

Hint: when someone is trying to pull you under water, don’t reach for them. It only makes their job easier.

Svala’s voice has an edge and her cheekbones are so defined that they could cleave even the thickest block of ice. This comes in handy in her home country, I imagine. Iceland has failed to qualify in its last two attempts but if I had my way this song would slice its way through the competition to the final.


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