Eurovision 2017: The Reviews – FRANCE

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Requiem (Alma)

True story – I had loaded up all the final set of reviews onto the site and was about to hit publish when I realised that I hadn’t written the review for this song. That could be because there are so many songs that I simply forgot to do it. Or it could be that this song is nice, but forgettable.

Let us take a moment to remember the 2,402 dancers who lost their lives in the making of this video…


Les étincelles deviennent des flammes
Les petites filles deviennent des femmes
Ce que tu crois être l’amour
C’est un brasier et rien de plus

I did five years of French at school so let’s see how much of it stuck:
The [somethings] [something] the [something]
The little girls [something] the women
That [something] you [something] love
It is a [something] and [something] more

This song is nice, but forgettable.


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