Eurovision 2017: The Reviews – GERMANY

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Perfect Life (Levina)

Germany hasn’t been doing so well at Eurovision since they won in 2010. As one of the “Big Five” they don’t have to slum it competing in the semis and always go straight to the finals. In their last two appearances they’ve placed last – unfairly in my opinion. Will Isabella Levina Lueen also come last? Possibly. The song has been hit by plagiarism claims. The melody sounds a lot like the title song to the movie Young and Wild and the production sounds like Titanium by David Guetta and Sia. So either it’s a copy or generic.

That’s what you call a video made in a hurry.


Gathering thorns from the stems of a thousand roses
Weathering storms on the long way home

You know who could use those thorns? Azerbaijan! For their thorn jeans. Yes, thorn jeans!

That title song to Young and Wild is pretty good.


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