Eurovision 2017: The Reviews – GREECE

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This Is Love (Demy)

Greece chose a performer then had the public and Greek diaspora juries vote on three possible songs. The public and the juries both overwhelmingly liked Demy Papadea singing this tune the best. Fun fact: Demy’s previous single was a Greek version of last year’s Bulgarian entry If Love Was a Crime

For a song with a bunch of people dancing this thing feels awfully static. And don’t get me started on the font they used for the on-screen lyrics or the whole “#thisislove” thing. Hashtags are so 2016… 2015 even…


Remember how we laughed and played around
Till night
Met the morning
Watched the sun set in the sky

Just wait till you hit your thirties, honey. There’ll be no more all-nighters for you.

Greece has had a good run at Eurovision this millennium, their only misstep being last year’s Utopian Land which was deservedly tossed out in the semis. Demy will probably secure a finals spot. But I just can’t get past the hashtag. Someone in their fifties decided that was a good idea, right? Note: I am in my fifties, so that joke isn’t ageist. Even I know that outside of Twitter hashtags should only be used ironically.


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