Eurovision 2017: The Reviews – LITHUANIA

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Rain Of Revolution (Fusedmarc)

Fusedmarc consist of lead singer Viktorija Ivanovskaja, multi-instrumentalist Denisas Zujevas, and visual designer Stasys Žakas. I bet I could have slipped a dozen more Js, Vs and Zs in there and no one would have noticed.

Wikipedia says Viktorija is 38! It must be all that fresh alpine Lithuanian living. In my imagination, Lithuania is nothing but alpine living.


Live like roller coaster
Spinning me around
Breathing getting faster
When I’m upside down

Changes striking through me
With a speed of sound
There’s no need in green light
Nothing stops me now

The entries this year have delivered precious few examples of mangled English but I think we have a contender here.

Well, I like it even if you don’t.


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