Eurovision 2018: The Reviews – ARMENIA

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Qami (Sevak Khanagyan)

Khanagyan gets around. He was a competitor on The Voice of Russia, winner of X-Factor Ukraine, and coach on The Voice of Armenia. Here he’s representing his birth country, kind of, since he was born in Armenia when it was still part of the USSR. He co-wrote Qami, which translates to Wind. It’s pronounced Kah-Me, sounds exactly like “cummy”. Look, I’m not responsible for that fact, I’m only responsible for pointing it out.

Cummy. Noun, meaning covered in cum Eg. After looking at this picture I was cummy.

Moody lighting. Walls. Dry ice. Dark clothing. Strobe effects. It’s ticks all the boxes of your standard “intense” music video. That said, it’s a good song and I get to watch Khanagyan for three minutes so I loved it.


Ի՞նչ արժեն խենթի վերքերը
Որ բացել է քո այդ սերը՝
Գոյությունս փակելով իրենում
Ha ha, just kidding!
What is the price of a madman’s wounds?
That were opened by your love
Closing my being inside itself

Price of a madman’s wounds: $65.99.

Armenia has appeared 11 times at Eurovision, with two number four placings. Qami probably won’t improve on that record but hopefully it will make the final, if only so I get to see Khanagyan as many times as possible – he’s mad sexy live. Actually, he’s just mad sexy.



Khanagyan puts the MEN in ARMENIA…

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