Eurovision 2018: The Reviews – AUSTRALIA

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We Got Love (Jessica Mauboy)

Mauboy is an Australian Idol alum, having come second in the 2006 season. She has consistently recorded since then, both as a solo artist and as an addition to Australian Idol “super group” Young Divas. She was the advance party for the Aussie invasion of Eurovision, performing as a guest at the 2014 show.

Mauboy is an established, respected artist. Australia might be late to the Eurovision party, but they’re already considered one of the heavyweights. So it’s utterly perplexing how they managed to send this  generic, bordering on amateurish, effort.


We got love
We got love
(We got love, we got love)
We got love
We got love

So I’m hearing that we got love…

Even the luminous Mauboy can’t redeem this clunker (which she co-wrote). There have been some attempts to link it to the passing of marriage equality in Australia, but if that’s the case this is a song that should stay in the closet. Sorry, Australia, you’re not saddling the gays with this mess.


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