Eurovision 2018: The Reviews – AUSTRIA

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Nobody But You (Cesár Sampson)

Sampson backed the last two Bulgarian entries so he’s probably hoping to recreate their success this year, singing lead for his birth country. Austria won Eurovision in 2014, then followed that up with a dreaded nul points in 2015. They’ve made the finals in the two subsequent years with respectable placings – 13th and 16th.  Sampson’s a model/singer/Social Worker (which isn’t a hyphenate you often see). If all Social Workers looked like this I would have framed my parents for physical abuse so that he could “rescue” me.

Artsy, abstract, arctic. There is a lot going on here – but somehow it works. Also, I need the coat he’s wearing. Like “need”.


And I get no sleep
I’m in too deep

That’s possibly the laziest two lines of lyrics ever written. But then the song turns out this pearl:

After your words have been my Bible
How could I search for someone new?

Sometimes you come across a couple of lines in a song that read like a full novel – that’s how those two lines read to me.

I did not imagine a gospel entry would come from Austria, so this was an unexpected delight. Yes, the song is lyrically soft in places, but that’s easy to forgive once you reach the end when the choir and Mr S let loose. Also he sounds even better live!



I’ll have (Samp)some of that! And by (Samp)some, I mean “all”.

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