Eurovision 2018: The Reviews – BELGIUM

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A Matter of Time (Sennek)

Belgium is on a roll – a fourth, tenth, fourth roll. Sennek is the stage name of Laura Groeseneken. She’s the second Laura to represent Belgium in three years – in 2016 it was Laura Tesoro with What’s the Pressure? Perhaps it’s all that pressure that makes Belgians send these moody, downbeat songs. With the exception of Tesoro, their entries since 2014 have all been dour – and their 2013 entry was a dance track with the title Love Kills, which isn’t exactly an upbeat message.

Do you think they had to drain that pool so she could lie at the bottom of it? It’s very clean. Maybe it’s a new pool? It looks new. Maybe they had it re-tiled for this shoot. Or painted. How rich is Belgium? Do they have enought money to repaint a pool for a music video?


Sometimes it seems we’re at the wrong station
Looking for a deadly combination
Sometimes it feels like imagination
Looking for all these cheap sensations

Rejected rhymes for this verse include: crustacean, fumigation, tubal ligation, superannuation, proportional representation, certificate of incorporation, and United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation.

This was tipped to do well, but after a shaky live performance in Israel it’s dropped down the rankings. I wouldn’t count Belgium out just yet, but Sennek is performing in the first, ultra-competitive, semi-final. That semi is going to be a bloodbath. And she’s drawn the fourth slot. A good performance should seal Belgium a final spot again but this doesn’t feel like another top 10 place for them.


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