Eurovision 2018: The Reviews – BULGARIA

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Bones (Equinox)

Finances and political issues kept Bulgaria out of Eurovision in 2014 and 2015. Two years ago they re-entered and placed fourth with Poli Genova. Last year Kristian Kostov was the runner-up. This entry just might better both of those and give this nation its first ever Eurovision win. Three of Equinox are Bulgarian and two are American. Three of them are bears. Because bears. One of them co-wrote the song. Because co-writers. This isn’t really a “band” but a “common framework”. I don’t know how you create a “common framework”. I’m guessing you don’t just grab random people off a train.

I love a good lyric video but not when the background effects turn it into a Magic Eye picture.

Actual screenshot from video.


So I love beyond the bones
Goes deep inside your soul

I get it, your love is so deep it goes past the bones. But to love beyond the bones, someone has to love someone for their bones (or bones are at least one of the reasons for the love). But who has ever been loved because of their bones? Kate Moss? Anatomy skeletons? Go up to someone and say you love them because of their bones and see how fast they run away.

It’s nice when the Eurovision wins are spread around, and even nicer when a deserving song from a previous non-winner takes the top prize. A good vocal (which I’m fairly sure they can manage) and some smart staging could see Bulgaria grab the brass ring for the first time..



I believe this is what’s known as a Reverse Oreo…

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