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Crazy (Franka)

Franka Batelić (who knew that the letter C came in that flavour?) is one of the singers in this year’s Eurovision who wrote/co-wrote their entry. She was the winner of Showtime, a Croatian Idol-esque singing competition, back in 2007 when she was just sixteen. Last year Croatia sent a homophobe, but Franka is known for her pro-LGBTQ stance.

Did I expect my favourite Eurovision video of 2018 to come from Croatia? No. From its decadent orgy-like dance number to Franka, clad in virginal white, diving into clear water, this video makes me feel like I spent the night at a really seedy nightclub and then had to shower when I got home because my clothes, hair, and skin all smelled like that club. It’s awesome!


I love you, for this love knows no reason, no games
Just like Bonnie and Clyde, we walk the road together
No fear, no breaks

No fear, no breaks? Does she means breaks as in “flaws” or breaks as in “Ross from Friends sleeping with that woman when he and Rachel were on a break”? Prior to reading this I’ve been singing “Just like Bonnie and Clyde we work the road together, no fear, no brakes”. I prefer my version.

This song is a delicious slow-burn, dripping with desire – Franka’s voice, the lilting rhythm, the shirtless male dancer in white body paint. Mostly the shirtless male dancer in white body paint… If this was in the second semi-final I’d rate its chances of making the big night, but it’s more than likely going to get lost among the better-rated competition. Sorry, Franka, but as I always say; work the road – no fear, no brakes.


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