Eurovision 2018: The Reviews – CYPRUS

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Fuego (Eleni Foureira)

This song was written by Greek songwriter-producer Alex P. Yes, that is all I can be bothered to learn about it. This song isn’t interesting enough to even make me learn about what “fuego” means. Is it Greek for “bored”? It should be.

That’s not how you wash a car.


I was looking for some high-high-highs, yeah
‘Til I got a dose of you
You got me pelican fly-fly-flyin’

If someone could explain what “pelican flyin'” is I’d very much appreciate it.

This sounds an awful lot like someone reworked Poli Genova’s If Love Was a Crime and made it less interesting. It’s perfectly serviceable but compared to Hovig last year this is a step backwards. I gave Hovig a B- which in retrospect was unfair – it was at least a B – so I’ll grade this accordingly.


[Edit – Eleni has totally put Cyprus in contention with her first semi-final performance. She came, she owned, she slayed. For me the song is still average, but she is anything but. If I had to revise my rating here – Song:B Eleni:A]

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