Eurovision 2018: The Reviews – DENMARK

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Higher Ground (Rasmussen)

Jonas Flodager Rasmussen is the lead singer of a Danish cover band called Hair Metal Heröes. And his middle name is Flodager. Oh, I already told you that. Um, he’s from Denmark, maybe? Look, there are 43 entries this year and I can’t do in-depth research on all of them…

So at least we now know what Games of Thrones extras do when they’re not filming.


Freeze the arrow in the air
Make your mark and leave it hanging there

So I get the first line. If you’re firing off an arrow (being aggressive), then stop. But what the hell does that second line mean? Is it ‘mark’ as in ‘impression’ or ‘mark’ as in ‘target’? If it’s the former then what are you mean to make your mark upon? The arrow? The air? And what do you leave hanging, the mark or the arrow?

While I appreciate the non-violence theme, and the callback to Denmark’s Viking past, there’s a blandness and a stiffness here that I can’t get past. Even worse, everything looks dirty. And not good dirty.


Yes, you’d think there’d be one given Rasmussen’s beard, but no.

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