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La Forza (Elina Nechayeva)

Once upon a time, someone invented opera. And the world wept. Then someone decided to merge opera with pop music. Lots of people still wept, but not as many as before.

That effect with her lights and dress and the lights is spectacular. She should sell space on that to advertisers.


The hour is near to happiness
Is it a dream or reality
Our affinity
On the wings of love rising

“The hour is near to happiness”? What does that mean? Is happiness a time? I guess it could be viewed like that but still, this sounds a lot like word salad. Also, “on the wings of love”? You can bury clichés in Italian all you like, Estonia, but they’re still clichés.

You know what was a great Eurovision Popera entry? Grand Amore. That was a strong song, sung with conviction and passion. Nechayeva’s voice is spectacular, but her performance is robotic at best. The whole thing lacks any real emotion and the staging, while impressive, doesn’t help matters. She’s basically a singing tree – she’s rooted, and not the good kind of rooted.


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