Eurovision 2018: The Reviews – GEORGIA

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For You (Iriao)

The band’s full name is Ethno – Jazz Band Iriao and it’s a group made up of David Malazonia, Nugzar Kavtaradze, Bidzina Murgulia, Levan Abshilava, Shalva Gelekva, George Abashidze, and Mikheil Javakhishvili. Or maybe I just typed some real names and some gibberish – you’ll never know!!! (Editor’s note: These are all real names). I always appreciate a country sending an entry in their official language but For You translates to Sheni Gulistvis so I can totally understand why they went with the English for the title. Sheni Gulistvis sounds like a disease of the liver.

Given that this was probably filmed for around €200 it looks pretty good. But someone needs to help that poor woman escape from that sheet.


Day – be longer
And melt the snow
To warm up the one, who felt cold in the night

Hey, want to see what this looks like in Georgian?

დღეო გადიდდი
თოვლი გაადნე

It’s like someone wrote a bunch of W’s upside down…

Apparently, this is folk music mixed with jazz, which now makes me reconsider my opinion of both folk music and jazz.



Back row left, please grow a beard…


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