Eurovision 2018: The Reviews – GERMANY

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You Let Me Walk Alone (Michael Schulte)

Schulte is another 2018 entrant who sounds (and looks) like he was cloned from Ed Sheeran. Germany has scored only 17 points total from their past three appearances. Yes, that’s their combined votes over three Eurovisions. Suffice to say they’re hoping their luck might be changing this year. Schulte’s the co-writer of this song about a family abandoned by their father. I’m far too lazy to research whether he’s singing about his own dad, but if he isn’t he surely fakes it well.



My childhood hero will always be you
And no one else comes close
I thought you’d lead me when life’s misleading
That’s when I miss you most

“I thought you’d lead me when life’s misleading” is a fucking brilliant line.

Childhood trauma has been known to do well at Eurovision. As an entrant from the Big 5, Schulte goes straight to the final. The biggest compliment I can give this song is that it reminds me of Kelly Clarkson’s Piece By Piece. It was the acoustic version of Piece that allowed the heartbreak to truly show but Shchulte’s heart is already on his sleeve. This might just see Germany turn their bad luck around.


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