Eurovision 2018: The Reviews – ISRAEL

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True story – I constantly forget Israel is a country. Every time I do a quiz where I have to list the countries of the Middle East, or all the countries that have ever contested Eurovision, or countries that start with “I”, I more often than not forget about Israel. (Editor’s note: this is true).

This song is about viewing women other than playthings, so let’s throw in a bunch of thin women in skin tight outfits as backup dancers…


Look at me, I’m a beautiful creature
I don’t care about your modern-time preachers
Welcome boys, too much noise, I will teach you
Pam pam pa hoo, turram pam pa hoo

Is there something ironic about a female empowerment anthem being penned by two men? I hope so – I love irony. Also “modern-time preachers” is both Eurotrashtic English and word salad.

Last year, the favourite was Italy’s Francesco Gabbani with Occidentali’s Karma. Quirky song. Quirky performer. Comments boards were flooded with love but you’d constantly fall over people who literally hated the song and couldn’t “get” it no matter how hard they tried. He was annoying. The song was annoying. Some of them felt like they should love it but there was something missing. To all you people who were like that last year – I now understand how you feel. At least the fact that I should love this but I only marginally like it. There’s nothing revolutionary or even challenging here. And, just like Australia’s ‘gay equality’ song, I’m doubtful that this song deserves to be heralded as a #MeToo anthem. This is song about a guy not being attentive enough, taking a woman for granted. And all those tics and chirping are as annoying to me as that dancing ape was to all of you last year.


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