Eurovision 2018: The Reviews – ITALY

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Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente (Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro)

Established Italian singers Meta and Moro (which sounds like a totally cool brand name – or a law firm) teamed up for this anti-war anthem. Their co-writer on the song is yet another Italian singer Andrea Febo.  Yes, they’re tackling the same ground as this year’s French entry but while that song is polite to the point of being pointless, this one bubbles with barely contained rage. Kudos to everybody here for successfully walking the line between meaningless platitude and meaningful discourse.

Someone needs to show this to France.


There are those who make the sign of the cross
And those who pray on rugs
Churches and mosques
Imams and all the priests
Separate entrances to the same house
Billions of people hoping for something

Arms without hands
Faces without names
Let’s swap our skin
Deep down we’re all human
Because our lives aren’t a point of view
And there is no pacifist bomb

You haven’t done anything to me
You’ve taken nothing from me
This is my life, and it keeps going
Beyond everything, beyond people
You haven’t done anything to me
You haven’t got anything
Because there’s more than your pointless wars
Your pointless wars

Someone needs to show this to France.

Someone needs to show this to France. 


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