Eurovision 2018: The Reviews – MALTA

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Taboo (Christabelle)

Christabelle’s last name is Borg. That is all.

I have to give Malta credit. They’re one of the smaller Eurovision states (with a population around 450,000) but they’ve made a big effort here. The story appears to be Hunger Games meets Gladiator meets Step Up, which is to say I have no idea what the hell is going on. But it looks great.


In the silence you’ll find gold
Where you feel warmth, I feel so cold
Can’t get no sleep, I’m up ’til dawn
These demons have broken my goal

Demons have broken your goal? Actual demons destroyed your goal?

It was the demons, ref!

With Portugal’s victory in 2017, Malta became the most successful participant country to never win Eurovision. That won’t change this year, even with the pedigree songwriters behind Taboo which includes Thomas G:son (a man who has had credits on 7 competing Eurovision songs in the past 4 years!).

This is Thomas G:Son. I don’t understand the hair either.

There’s nothing particularly wrong here, but the grab-bag of lyrics (it’s like a dictionary threw up) and the transition between the slow/fast beats don’t quite work.


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