Eurovision 2018: The Reviews – POLAND

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Light Me Up (Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer)

Grommee is the one who looks like an escapee from the Salem Witch Trials. Lukas Meijer is the other one who looks like an escapee from the Salem Witch Trials, but he got a tan and forgot to shave. I don’t understand the Pilgrim hats. Are they a thing? Because they shouldn’t be a thing.

It looks like a Coke ad. I’m half-convinced this is a Coke ad.


So bring me back
Back to the place
Where my heart can finally reveal its face

Things that have a face: people, birds, clocks, cliffs, polygons. Things that do not have a face: hearts.

You know that thing when you hear a song and go ‘wow, that’s really great’ and then you hear the artist sing that song live and go ‘wow, that doesn’t sound nearly as good’. That. I love this feel-good anthem but Meijer is going to have to improve his vocals if Poland wants to be a contender.


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