Eurovision 2018: The Reviews – ROMANIA

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Goodbye (The Humans)

The Humans are a six-piece Romanian band. There’s a lot of writing later on in this review so that’s all you’re getting here.

Sometimes a simple concept works. This is one of those times.


It’s time
For me to say goodbye
It’s fine
I’ve tried a million times
To kiss
The emptiness
And make her mine

I should’ve stayed
But I already left a thousand times
I’ve won my fights
Nobody knew nothin’ about
All alone
Trapped in a void
Can’t see the light

Why don’t you see the beauty
That surrounds you everywhere
Why can’t you feel the joy
In all the small things people share
And all the happiness
That by the way is all for free
Open your heart
Receive the love and stay with me
Don’t be afraid
I hear your cry
Don’t cry

We should all see the beauty
Of the precious gifts we have
‘Cause everyone deserves
The power to go straight ahead
Never give up, don’t hit the floor
Don’t trust in all the lies
No matter what the odds will bring you
Please don’t say goodbye

There are a couple of delightfully awkward phrases here. “Everyone deserves the power to go straight ahead”. “No matter what the odds will bring you please don’t say goodbye”. But this rock ballad about depression (!) also has phrases that are perfect. “I’ve tried to kiss the emptiness and make her mine”. Tried – not succeeded. And when did you last hear “that by the way” in a song?  Probably ten years at least. Lead singer Cristina Caramarcu wrote the song and it’s clear she understands despondence. Opening with the song told from her perspective means that when she’s telling people not to give up, you know that she understand the battle. Some people have labelled the song trite and cheesy – they’ve clearly not had any emptiness they had to kiss and make there own.

Goodbye sounds as though it could have been a cross-over rock-pop hit in 1988. And some of us love 1988 cross-over rock-pop hits. Odds makers have counted The Humans out but I have faith that they’ll surprise. Cristina Caramarcu can deliver vocally live and fortunately they’ve drawn the second semi-final that, by the way, is the less competitive of the two. Yes, that was a call back to the lyrics.


Did you notice hot bear keyboardist Alexandru Matei?

I did.


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