Eurovision 2018: The Reviews – SAN MARINO

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Who We Are (Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening)

Jessika Muscat is Maltese. Jenifer Brening is German. So neither are native to San Marino, but considering that country has a population of 14 people, it’s not a surprise that they occasionally need to rely on imported artists. (Editor’s note: The current population of San Marino is around 34,000 people. That’s closer to 14 than I had imagined).

I question the robots. Strenuously question the robots. What is up with those robots? Jessika’s white pantsuit, on the other hand, is totally unquestionable. It is awesome.


We are who we are
And who we are is who we wanna be

If we are who we want to be, then are we really who we are? Aren’t we the person we’ve chosen to be, not the person we actually ‘are’? Yes, I think far too deeply about these songs.

The chorus feels as though it was torn from Måns Zelmerlöw’s Heroes. Both Jessika and Jenifer could up their game when performing live. But the robots have grown on me. Actually, I love the robots.


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