Eurovision 2018: The Reviews – SERBIA

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Nova Deca (Sanja Ilić & Balkanikaa)

Sanja Ilić is the flautist who looks like someone electrocuted Mark Twain . Balkanikaa is his band, formed 20 years ago to preserve, revitalize and modernise traditional Serbian music. Mladen Lukić is the bearish male lead singer. Yes, there’s a Bear Bonus below.

I think they’re singing live here. They’re certainly singing live here. And it sounds exactly like the studio version. Which is always a plus.


Oh, may I rest.
and oh, why have I done this to you, dear?

And why don’t we give them…?
Na na na

Nova Deca translates to The New Children. This immediately begs the question, what happened to the old children? And makes the “oh, why have I done this to you, dear?” line rather ominous. Also, I can think of many reasons not to give children any “na na na”. In fact, I doubt most people would want any “na na na”.

Serbia’s entry has received little fanfare, which is understandable in one way. It’s not the most radio friendly song. But it sets out what it achieves to do – which is bring traditional music to modern ears. And the live performances are looking and sounding great.


Mladen Lukić (right) appears to have lost weigh in the past few years. Here he is looking chunkier. He also appears to have waxed his chest for Eurovision. Bear Desecration – it’s a thing.


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