Eurovision 2018: The Reviews – SLOVENIA

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Hvala, Ne! (Lea Sirk)

It’s fourth time lucky for Ms Sirk who finally won Evrovizijska Melodija after three previous attempts. She has actually already sung at Eurovision twice for her native country – she provided backup vocals in 2014 and 2016. This time she’s front and centre with a song she wrote (co-writer is Slovenian DJ Tomy DeClerque).

There is a separate ‘music video’. It’s pretty neat.


Like a marionette for the people
Hiding over masks

I’m a doll of people
They are hiding behind masks

Like a doll for the people
That hides behind masks

The title roughly translates to “Thanks, but no thanks” and the lyrics speak of questioning assumptions. There are several translations online so I’ve chosen samples from three different versions. My favourite is “I’m a doll of people”. It sounds like someone cut parts off a bunch of humans and sewed them together.

Can’t wait until the “I’m a Doll of People” dolls start turning up in stores.


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