Eurovision 2018: The Reviews – SPAIN

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Tu Canción (Amaia y Alfred)

Spain used a season of local reality singing competition Operación Triunfo to select their 2018 entry. 19 year old Amaia Romero won, 21 year old Alfred García placed second, and their duet beat out the competion (including solo songs sung by Amia and Alfred). This is a huge step up from last year’s debacle – but then again they could have sent a burning Tickle Me Elmo and it would have been an improvement.

At times it looks as though they’re trying to crawl into each others mouths but…they never actually do, and that disappoints me.


I feel like I’m dancing for the first time
You’re the art that sweetens the skin
From my traveller mind, that follows your feet
I feel like I’m dancing for the first time by your side

“You’re the art that sweetens the skin”? So a tattoo? Face painting? Honey glaze?

Love duets aren’t a staple at modern Eurovision, but just watch everybody send pairs of star-crossed young lovers as their entries in 2019. There’s a reason this will inspire copycats. It’s delightful.


Dear Spain. Your entries have historically suffered from a lack of bears. This puzzles me, given that at least 30% of your citizens are bears.

Exhibit A.

Yes, that remark was just an excuse to post pictures of chunky, hairy men.


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