Eurovision 2018: The Reviews – SWITZERLAND

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Stones (ZiBBZ)

ZiBBZ might not throw stones but I sure as hell will. ZiBBZ? What is it with Switzerland and their band names? Last year it was Timebelle, in 2012 they sent Sinplus, and 2006 was six4one. They’re names for sure, but they’re just…off. The Swiss, of course, are well known for their neutrality, and perhaps this also explains why they tend to send songs that are kind of nothing. They’re songs, but they’re…not particularly interesting songs. It’s as though the songs themselves can’t decide what they want to be. ZiBBZ is made up of sister and brother Corinne and Stefan Gfeller, which makes them siblings, which makes me realise how they came up their name and why it, and those other band names, sound off. They’re all trying way too hard to be clever.

What is up with those huge silences in the opening? I thought there were loose wires in my speakers. And why is everything SO dark? I thought my computer’s brightness setting was stuck on ‘just about pitch black’.


Wild joker on a gold throne
Blood diamond, summer home
Wrong people with the right to know
But I can’t do anything about it
All saying that life’s hard
Don’t want it in our backyard
We should be further from the start

These lyrics are trying way too hard to be clever.

This is just the kind of entry I’d expect from a country that is famous for not making a decision about anything.



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