Eurovision 2018: The Reviews – UKRAINE

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Under The Ladder (Mélovin)

Kostyantyn Mykolayovych Bocharov – who stylises his stage name as MÉLOVIN – competed to represent Ukraine in 2017. But while he won the public vote in the final, the judges tanked his chances by giving him a low overall score. A year later, he once again topped the televote and even though he didn’t place first with the judges (he placed second) he had enough combined points to get the win. Mélovin wrote the music and Mike Ryals (who from 10 minutes of googling I’ve learned is (a) male, (b) a singer-songwriter, (c) has a dog and maybe a baby, (d) lives in New York) wrote the words. True fact: Mélovin is so pale because he was raised in an underground bunker. (Editor’s note: this is not true).

Someone knows how to put on a show.


Curtains down, I’m laughing at the trial
Help me to unravel
Tangle of my innocence inside
Faith’s bout to be severed

Mélovin’s pronunciation is only marginally better than Julia Samoylova’s. It might even be worse.

With all the drama going on in Mélovin’s act, the whole thing could look forced. But the whole vampire-singer-coat-stairs-pianist-fire spectacle totally works. How cool is it when that flame effect bursts from the screens and for a mirco-second you think – flame imagery, okay – then the real flames spout out from underneath the platform, where Mélovin is playing the piano and you think – holy crap.


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