Eurovision 2018: The Reviews – UNITED KINGDOM

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Storm (SuRie)

If you say “hey SuRie” to your iPhone it totally thinks you’re speaking to it.

Fun fact: SuRie won the Olympic silver medal for semaphore waving. (Editor’s note: that is not a fact. Nor is it particularly fun).


Hey, hey brother
Do you remember when we were kids with no fear?

No, that’s not how I remember my childhood at all.

There’s something frustratingly restrained about this entry. SuRie seems nice, the capitalisation of that ‘R’ is silly but it’s her name so have at it, the song is pleasant, and…that’s kind of it. Did no one think to up the tempo, or tell SuRie she needs to sound like she’s urging people on during a storm? She’s so serene she looks like she’s auditioning to present Blue’s Clues. Also, never sing things like “Am I making you proud or could I do better?” because you’re just asking for a snappy comeback.

B. Could do better.

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