Homophobes Should Stop Saying Gayness is Being Shoved In Their Faces

As soon as a minority makes a dent on the radar screens of a significant number of the majority you can be sure to hear some version of “I don’t want that shoved in my face”.

“I don’t want it forced down my throat”, “I don’t want to have to look at it”, “I don’t want my kids seeing that” and the rest – all first cousins of “I don’t care what they do in their bedrooms/homes, but do they have to flaunt it in public”?

These statements come from a place of fear, intolerance, and prejudice. And here are five reasons all you horrible people saying these types of things need to stop.

1. It’s Dishonest
Typically “in my face” complaints are preceded with a claim of impartiality: “I don’t have anything against the gays, but…”. In fact, you do have something against the gays. Because if you didn’t, it wouldn’t compel you to tell us that you don’t even want to see us. Just be honest – you don’t want us to exist. As soon as we see “I don’t have anything against the gays, but…” we already know you’re riddled with homophobia, so at least have the courage to let your hate flag fly.

2. It Makes You Sound Like You Want a Cock in Your Mouth
Scientific studies have proven that the more homophobic you are, the more likely it is that you’re closeted. It stand to reason, then, that the more you complain that gay sex is being forced down your throat, the more it sounds like that’s exactly what you want.

Pictured: what homophobes want.

3. Nothing Is Being Forced On You
There is a chance that you might be suffering from Frequency Illusion, otherwise known as the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon. Simply put, previously gays were invisible to you. Then one day you saw a gay thing and now you see gays everywhere. But no one is forcing you to see any gay stuff. Just don’t look. It’s that easy.

Noooo, not a Will and Grace marathon!

“But there are lots of gays in TV shows now!”. “Target has an ad with two men. And a child!” “They made Superman gay. And black!” We’re here, we’re there, get used to it. And if you won’t get used to it, then our world of peak-media makes it easy to find gay-free zones. Hot tip: North Korean propaganda and things starring Kirk Cameron are guaranteed no-homo.

4. You’re Being Used – Part 1
Decades ago the religious right in the US decided to become more politically active. But it needed wedge issues to rally supporters around. While people were still very racist and sexist, civil rights and women’s liberation had advanced to a point where you couldn’t get as much traction slamming the blacks and the ladies. However, the right quickly determined that abortion and homosexuality were fertile fields for fostering hate. Cue you being fostered to hate. Cue you hating.

Hating this is like hating kittens.

5. You’re Being Used – Part 2
Gaybaiting – it’s when the media run/spin gay themed stories that they know will provoke hate. “Television star thinks only gay men should play gay characters!” “The next James Bond will be gay. And black!”  Homophobes read these things, because you’ve been trained to (see: You’re Being Used – Part 1). Moreover, homophobes will  comment about how homosexuality is being shoved down their throats. Which means we gays and our allies have to jump in and defend ourselves. Cue commenting war. Cue mo clicks, mo money.

But, in the end, you haters are entitled to your opinions. However, you have got to stop saying “homosexuality is being shoved down my throat”. Or don’t stop. Because unintended homoeroticism.

This is you.

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