Hot Summer Nights (Miami Sound Machine)

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Hot Summer Nights (Miami Sound Machine)
The Movie This is From: Top Gun
The Better Known Songs From This Soundtrack: Danger Zone (Kenny Loggins), Take My Breath Away (Berlin), Heaven In Your Eyes (Loverboy), Playing With the Boys (Kenny Loggins)
Some acts refused to appear on the Top Gun soundtrack due to their view that the movie glorified war – that included Bryan Adams and even Loverboy’s keyboardist Doug Johnson. But up and coming stars Miami Sound Machine had no such problem. While they tended to write their own material here the writers are Roy Freeland and Michael Jay.
Fun fact: While the song wasn’t individually released Miami Sound Machine weren’t short of singles in 1986 – Conga, Bad Boy, Words Get In the Way and Falling In Love (Uh Oh) all hit big that year.

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