Introducing Bestest Song Club!

Welcome to Bestest Song Club!

Remember those old mail-order music schemes that advertised in comic books and where you got eight records for a penny?  That was great, because you really wanted those first eight records which were by your favoritest acts – Lionel Richie, Hall and Oates, Journey, Michael Jackson….  Then the mail-order began sending you a new record every month along with an invoice.  But you didn’t want those records – they were by bands you didn’t like or hadn’t even heard of – and you could get the record cheaper elsewhere.   You also didn’t want your parents to find out you’d ordered stuff and now had to pay so you hid the records under your bed and threw away the invoice.  But the next month came another record and another invoice.  The same thing happened the next month.  And the next.  Ten months later there was no room under your bed and the music police claimed you owed them $468!

Himsical’s Bestest Song Club is nothing like that.  Instead, each day from now on we’ll post on our site one great song that we think deserves to be shared because great songs deserve to be heard.  Each month will have a different theme and the songs each day in that month will fit that theme.  Bestest of all, it’s completely free.  We promise never to send you records so underneath your bed is reserved for the important things – like gathering dust and for hiding when an axe wielding maniac in a hockey mask is chasing you.

Come and join the fun!  But if an axe wielding maniac is chasing you don’t hide under the bed.  Hit him with a  bat.  Hit him until he’s dead.

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