Introducing…The TRUMPinator!!!!

403172_3086137522771_1543906827_2884294_948745346_nHas all that talk of penises in the Republican debates got you horny?  Make your sex life great again with America’s newest dildo – the TRUMPinator!

Mr Donald Trump allowed us to take a 3D scan of his glorious erect penis and believe him, it’s terrific! Just like Trump this is a dildo that promises a lot but doesn’t deliver. But it’s got the Trump name on it so if you’re racist and stupid you’ll buy it.

You’ll want to give a TRUMPinator to your hot wife, your ex-wives who were once hot but are now “no longer a 10” and your sexy daughter who you keep talking about wanting to bang!

About the Product
Crafted to look and feel exactly like the actual thing – which is why it’s one inch long, orange and kind of crusty.
The balls on the end are life-sized also – and just like reality they’re not nearly as big as you would expect.
Money-back guarantee, although you have to sue Mr Trump to get your cash back so you’d better get in line!

AND COMING SOON Little Marco! A dildo crafted to perfectly mimic Marco Rubio’s penis meaning it’s slimy and has been inside at least one gay man!

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