Look Over Here! Himsical Goes Viral!

Announcing Himsical’s new YouTube channel. Our aim: To be the video version of a car accident – you’ll want to look away but you won’t be able to help but rubberneck!

VidLesbianLesbians and Gay Men Touch An Intersex Person’s Genitals For the First Time
Lesbians fondling penises?  Gay men having a poke around vaginas? So done! Intersex genitalia is the real unexplored frontier. Watch as giggling gays and sniggering lesbians, experts in their own body parts, examine an Intersex person for the first time!


angry-man-274175_1280 Gay Men Get Castrated
We all know gay men live for penises so what happens when we take theirs away? We drugged four homos and chopped off their penises! You won’t believe their hilarious reactions when they open up what they think is! Eunuch? You bet!


goat-977502_1280Lesbians Have Sex With a Goat
Eight lesbians, none of who ever expressed interest in having sex with an animal, are tricked into performing oral sex on a goat. Yes, it’s a female goat. A lesbian female goat!      Get in quick because you can bet those whiners at PETA will by demanding this video is taken down.


man-211505_1280Straight Men Get Ass Raped By Women Wearing Strap-Ons
We tracked down six straight men who’ve all made rapey type comments about women on social media, tied them down and had women wearing a 12-inch strap-on ass-rape them for four hours. It’s safe to say they won’t be sitting down for a few days – or oppressing women again for at least a week!


GaySexPeople Do Sexual Stuff To Each Other On Camera
We blindfolded some good looking people of various genders and sexual orientations then filmed them feeling each other up, you know, as a ‘social experiment’.  We’re not sure what thesis we were testing.  We’re not even sure what ‘thesis’ means.  Is it dirty?  It sounds dirty.



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