Peeping Tom (Rockwell)

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Peeping Tom (Rockwell)
The Movie This is From: The Last Dragon
The Better Known Song From This Soundtrack: Rhythm of the Night (DeBarge)
Motown founder Berry Gordy was the driving force behind this cult classic and, of course, also supervised the music for the movie. It wasn’t just nepotism that got his son Kennedy William Gordy – better known as Rockwell – included on the soundtrack. Rocky’d had a major hit in 1983 with Somebody’s Watching Me so he was a “star” in his own right. Peeping Tom was released as a single but couldn’t quite match the success of Rockwell’s earlier hit or the smash from the soundtrack – DeBarge’s Rhythm of the Night.
Fun fact: Somebody’s Watching Me…Peeping Tom… There’s a pattern here…  When you add in his 1984 minor hit Obscene Phone Caller it appears he kind of has a thing for stalkers.


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