Same Sex Marriages Are Better Than Opposite Sex Ones

We hear a lot about how same sex marriages are bad. We’re told they hurt children, cause floods, destroy “traditional marriage” and will lead to people marrying ice cream.


I do!

What we hear far less is the ways they’re superior to opposite sex marriages – here are 5 reasons that’s true.

1. You Can Wear Each Others Clothes
Okay, maybe you can do this in a opposite sex marriage – maybe that’s even part of its appeal. And yes, this only works if the two same sex partners are a similar size. But when you’re out of underwear and you need to raid your partner’s drawers – literally and figuratively – you’ll thank the stars they happen to be the same gender as you. It makes shopping easier too – no need to disappear to different parts of the store or even different shops when buying clothes.

2. There’s No Mars vs Venus Tension
There is a lot a whole industry devoted to exploiting the tension between men and women. These books, seminars and events are all based upon a belief that men and women are fundamentally different. Same sex couples don’t suffer from that divide. This doesn’t just make for easier communication it also helps with the division of labor. A recent study found that men spend an hour more than woman at work each day while women spend an extra hour every day on household chores. There’s none of that inequality in a same sex relationship.

Unfortunately somebody still has to do the laundry.

Unfortunately somebody still has to do the laundry.

3. You Can Pretend To Be Each Other
When a opposite sex partner needs to handle business for their spouse on the phone – like when the power bill is in the spouse’s name – they have to prove they’re doing it with their husband/wife’s authority. But same sex couples can easily pretend to be their other half. It even works in person, so long as you don’t have to provide photo ID – though there are those gay couples who look like twins…

4. You Can Go To Men-Only/Women-Only Places Together
Restrooms, gym changing rooms, men and women-only places and events – where your loved one goes so can you. Then again, there are times you want some  space but same sex couples can have that as well, the difference is that we have complete choice over when to have a time out, we don’t have separation forced upon us.

5. There Are No Unplanned Pregnancies
Fertile opposite sex couples need to pop birth control pills and use condoms to ensure they won’t make a baby. Gay and lesbian marrieds can bone all they want secure in the knowledge that another human won’t accidentally spring from their antics.

All this because you had the sex.

You had sex then this happened.

It’s also assumed opposite sex couples want children – imagine being free from that assumption, from all assumptions over what a relationship should be. Same sex marriage partners can both choose to follow the traditional customs of marriage – monogamy, children, buying a home and settling in one place – or mold the partnership to whatever works best for the people involved, all free from society’s expectations. Our new interpretations of marriage will hopefully inspire opposite sex couples to reassess their own relationships. Rather than destroy marriage it’s more like we’ll improve it for everyone.

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