Secret Rendezvous (Karyn White)

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Secret Rendezvous (Karyn White)
#6 on the US Hot 100
The fourth single from White’s eponymous debut album out charted the previous three releases but tends to get overshadowed by at least two of them (first solo hit The Way You Love Me and female empowerment anthem Superwoman). It’s a sweet piece of late 1980s dance/R&B courtesy of LA Reid, Babyface and Daryl Simmons who wrote and produced it.
Fun fact: Secret Rendezvous was the first single from the album to miss #1 on the R&B charts where it stalled at #4.

The theme for Bestest Song Club November 2015: Top 10 Hits That You Probably Haven’t Heard In Years. Criteria – Songs that reached at least #10 on the US Hot 100 between 1 January 1980 and 31 December 1989 but tend to get overlooked in any “Best of the 1980s” lists and collections.

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