The Only Thing I Ever Get For Christmas (Justin Bieber)

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The Only Thing I Ever Get For Christmas (Justin Bieber)
The Biebs gets a lot of grief but you can’t deny that he knows how to surround himself with great talent. His Christmas album, Under the Mistletoe, is full of catchy new tunes and solid covers of classics (including a duet of All I Want For Christmas Is You with Mariah Carey). The pick of the new tunes is this one, written by Bieber, Christopher “Tricky” Stewart, Aaron Pearce and Tim Milner. If anyone is looking for a new mashup they should try merging this tune with I Won’t Last a Day Without You by The Carpenters – the two song were made for each other.
Fun fact: When Under the Mistletoe debuted at #1 in the US it made Bieber the first artist to have three #1 US albums before his 18th birthday.

The theme for Bestest Song Club December 2015 is: Bestest Modern Christmas Songs.
Criteria: Song must have been recorded no earlier than 1980.

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